Our Team

Gabrielle Azose

Younger Cohort General Studies

Debbie Clement

Middle Cohort General Studies

Amy Duncan

Younger Cohort General Studies

Jenny Groody

Inclusive Education Specialist and Music Specialist

Amber Hersholt-Griffin

Advancement Manager

Jacob Isaac

Jewish Studies Teaching Assistant

Mekhala Koshy

Behavioral Health Counselor

MG Lentz

Younger Cohort General Studies

Dawn Macray

Middle Cohort General Studies

Steven Myers

Security & Facilities Manager

Josh Niehaus

Jewish Music Specialist

Yacov Paley

BASE Team Lead

Sam Perlin

Jewish Studies Specialist

Bibi Powell

Art Specialist

Yael Sachs

Chief Operations & Finance Officer

Yoav Sachs

Staff Support

Israel (Ooly) Sandler

Hebrew Studies Specialist

Beth Schustek

Upper Cohort General Studies

Julia Sliwoski

BASE Director

Heidi Stangvik

Director of Administrative Services

Farah Ware

Younger Cohort General Studies

Shawn Weisenburgh

Physical Education Specialist

Rebecca Wilson

Director of Advancement

David Zimand

Head of School