Investing in a Jewish day school education is more affordable than you think, opening doors to a unique environment where your child's academic excellence is nurtured alongside profound personal growth.

Don't miss the opportunity to place your child in a setting that prioritizes self-study and social-emotional learning, ensuring they develop not just intellectually, but also into well-rounded, compassionate individuals.

"We were admittedly a little apprehensive to enroll our son in a smaller school, because he is very active, very social, and gregarious with a big personality. However, he loves SJCS and the community, as do we. He is eager to get to school every day and wants to get there early!

We love the enriched learning and watching his intellectual curiosity be fostered and developed. He comes home asking us all sorts of thought-provoking questions about history, science, Judaism, and we know it’s because his mind is stimulated. We’re so pleased with what we’ve discovered at SJCS!" - SJCS Parent


Tuition is determined annually by the Board of Trustees in December for the following school year. Tuition for the 2024 - 2025/5784 school year is $27,900.


SJCS is committed to welcoming socio-economically diverse families to its school community, as well as to making Jewish day school education accessible to all families.

Thanks to the generosity of the Samis Foundation, we are able to offer support to all qualifying families.

We encourage you to explore both options to see which is best for your family. 


Samis Day School Affordability Initiative Grants

Tuition assistance applications for 2025-2026 are due on January 31, 2025.

Available for families with income up to $350,000.

The Samis Foundation's Day School Affordability Initiative (DSA), provides guaranteed maximum tuition rates for low and middle-income families. A short, straightforward application determines eligibility and guaranteed levels of support.

Apply for the Day School Affordability(DSA) Grant 

Click Here for DSA FAQS and Tuition Estimation Tool


Traditional Tuition Assistance

Available for families with income less than $175,000

SJCS uses Independent School Management’s online Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST) to determine the “fair share” tuition for families who apply. This process ensures confidentiality and equity.

Apply Here for FAST Tuition Assistance