Tuition is determined annually by the Board of Trustees in December for the following school year. Tuition for 2020–21 is $22,253. Tuition includes everything except before-and after-school enrichment. A tuition deposit is required when the initial offer of admission is accepted and also annually when re-enrollment contracts are signed. The balance may be paid in one-, three-, or nine-payments.

Tuition Assistance

SJCS is committed to a fostering a socio-economically diverse student body, as well as making day school education accessible to all families. From its inception, SJCS has been committed to providing tuition assistance to families who qualify. All Jewish day schools in the Seattle area use Independent School Management’s online Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST) to determine the “fair share” tuition for families who apply. This process ensures confidentiality and equity. We review financial assistant applications on an on-going basis, as we offer rolling admissions. 

Who should apply for Tuition Assistance?

Families who have reviewed their financial situation and feel they need help paying their tuition should apply. Tuition assistance at SJCS is based on demonstrated need. Aid is issued as a grant with no obligation to repay the grant.

How do I apply?

Incoming families applying for admission to SJCS must complete and file the entire financial aid application online. The application itself is filled in and submitted online, and corresponding tax forms must be mailed in the pre-addressed envelopes included in the Assessment Package directly to the FAST processing center. All information is strictly confidential. Requests for Tuition Assessment will not be reviewed by the Tuition Assessment Committee until SJCS’s receipt of your admissions application inclusive of tax information. Keep the original copy of your enrollment application for your records, and send copies of your taxes, (rather than originals,) of documents to FAST.

How is aid determined?

SJCS is committed to helping families who have demonstrated need receive financial aid. SJCS applications have been customized to reflect the “Jewish cost-of-living” in Seattle and are analyzed by FAST. These results are then reviewed by the local independent third party (Linda Sullivan of the SAMIS Foundation) and an impartial Tuition Assessment Committee (TAC), which considers all factors presented, and then determines tuition.

Will my family qualify for tuition assistance?

Each family is unique. While the FAST system assesses income, we understand that many other factors, including Seattle’s “Jewish cost of living” influence a family’s financial landscape. The Tuition Assessment Committee takes these factors into account. The following table is not a guarantee of assistance amount; however, it does provide an indication of the average family tuition contribution by income level for students enrolled at SJCS this school year.

Total Income    Award Range
$0 to $75,000    $11,825 to $17,325
$75,001 to $100,000    $10,825 to $16,425
$100,001 to $150,000    $6,325 to $16,025
Over $150,000    $0 to $7,825

When are families notified of the results of tuition assistance decisions?

Current SJCS families are notified of decisions when re-enrollment contracts are mailed in February. New SJCS families are notified of decisions when offers of admission are made. initially in March and then on a rolling basis.

What if my financial circumstances change?

If you are receiving tuition assistance and your financial situation changes, you may submit new information at any time. If you are not receiving tuition assistance and your financial situation changes, you may initiate an application for tuition assistance at any time.

Will my child receive aid in subsequent years?

A family must reapply for assessment each year, and assuming the family’s financial circumstances have not changed, it is highly likely that a student will receive financial aid on an ongoing basis. If one’s financial situation changes significantly, that change will be reflected in the assessment. In addition, if your financial situation undergoes significant change in the year for which aid was granted, you should notify us immediately.

Please contact Yael Sachs, Chief Operations & Finance Officer , 206.522.5212 x 102 if you have questions or would like assistance with the financial assistance process.