Tuition is determined annually by the Board of Trustees in December for the following school year. Tuition for the 2023 - 2024 school year is $25,900.


SJCS is committed to a fostering a socio-economically diverse student body, as well as making day school education accessible to all families. Thanks to the generosity of the Samis Foundation, we are able to offer families. While guidelines are given, we encourage you to explore both options to see which is best for your family. 

Tuition Assistance (targeted to families with income less than $175,000)

SJCS uses Independent School Management’s online Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST) to determine the “fair share” tuition for families who apply. This process ensures confidentiality and equity. Tuition assistance applications for 2023-2024 are due on January 27.

Apply Here for FAST Tuition Assistance

Day School Affordability Initiative Grants (targeted to families with income up to $350,000)

In April 2022, the Samis Foundation established the Day School Affordability Initiative to make K-12 tuition for Seattle-area Jewish day schools even more affordable. The initiative provides financial relief for families whose income is too high to qualify for traditional scholarships, but for whom day school tuition is still a real barrier given the many competing priorities they face. 

Apply Here for Day School Affordability Initiative Grants

Click Here for Day School Affordability Initiative Grants FAQs and Tuition Estimation Tool