This year marks by 45th year in education. While I began my career teaching chemistry to high school juniors and seniors, I’ve found myself professionally drawn to a younger and younger population of students over these many years.  While I loved the emerging sophistication so typical of high school students, coupled with the unbridled enthusiasm of early adolescence, I believe it is in the elementary world that we lay the foundation of children’s futures. One’s positive mindset to learning, our sense of belonging and emotional safety, our freedom to wonder, and a community-wide commitment to making the world a better place are nurtured and developed in elementary school.

In truth, I have found no better place where these foundational qualities are better fostered than at SJCS.  Steeped in strong Jewish values and belonging, we create an atmosphere of fun, happiness, intellectual curiosity, and community purpose under the umbrella of the Jewish experience. 

As I approach my last year in independent school leadership, I am looking forward to seeing SJCS settle into our home at Green Lake.  Here, we will continue to enjoy the countless benefits and opportunities that are inherently achievable with our location, inspired by our outstanding teachers and supportive parent community.

As you consider this essential learning journey for your own child(ren), we are truly grateful that you are taking the time to explore SJCS. We hope you will seriously consider joining this remarkable community of learners.


Ron Waldman

Head of School