Or, as the phrase goes in Hebrew – our ancient and simultaneously modern language:

Bruchim Ha-Ba’im /ברוכים הבאים  (All comers are blessed … and a blessing) !

I am delighted to extend a virtual welcome to the Seattle Jewish Community School, just as I will be delighted to welcome you in person to our lively and inviting campus on the shores of Green Lake.

Over three decades, our school has established a strong legacy of providing students and their families a context “where curiosity, confidence, and kindness grow.” Now, as SJCS heads into its fourth decade – in its new home – we stand charged to carry forward our tradition’s wisdom, questioning spirit, and commitment to social justice, and we stand ready, together with the children, to engage the challenges and opportunities of our moment in history.

We have, all of us – younger and older – moved through the defining events of a generation. Even as the pandemic has ebbed, we recognize that its impacts will reverberate for years to come. These have involved loss and considerable disruption. Within them, too, have come opportunities to reflect on priorities, even to appreciate silver linings.

The call to pause and to re-set has underscored the enduring, even reinvigorated power of Jewish community-based and values-based contexts for educating, nurturing, and learning with our children. SJCS offers a program that is both profoundly timeless and profoundly timely.

Join us! We will be pleased to come to know you better and to introduce ourselves more fully.

L’hit’ra-ot/להתראות (Until we see each other again),

David Zimand