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Strategic Plan Goals and Outcomes

Goal 1: Provide an excellent education inspired by Jewish values and intellectual traditions.

1. SJCS capitalizes on the power of Jewish intellectual traditions and weaves them throughout its educational program. 

2. SJCS articulates the role that Jewish learning plays in its model of educational excellence.

3. SJCS has the resources it needs to sustain an excellent, pluralistic Jewish and secular educational program.

4. SJCS presents an educational program that honors the vital partnership between social, ethical, and spiritual development and academic growth.

Goal 2: Engage meaningfully with our community and location.

1. SJCS nurtures its students' commitment to Seattle and its people. 

2. SJCS partners with local Jewish leaders, schools, and organizations. 

3. SJCS contributes to the Green Lake community and its students learn from it.

Goal 3: Prioritize diversity, equity, inclusion, and pluralism across SJCS.

1. SJCS attracts and retains a diverse community of staff and students through intentional practices. 

2. SJCS aligns its policies and practices with the school's commitment to pluralism.

3. SJCS serves and supports an economically diverse community of families and students. 

4. SJCS institutionalizes its reflective practices and responsive actions related to inclusiveness. 

Goal 4: Ensure SJCS is a sustainable, thriving institution that meets the needs of the community. 

1. SJCS promotes its distinctive brand of educational excellence proudly.

2. SJCS implements a robust fundraising strategy to ensure its long-term viability. 

3. SJCS plans for its short- and long-term capacity needs related to space and enrollment growth. 

4. SJCS upholds environmentally sustainable practices. 

5. SJCS evaluates its policies, procedures, and practices regularly in relation to its mission, vision, core values, educational philosophy, and strategic goals. 

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