Our Mission: What We Do

SJCS provides an exceptional integrated education through the lens of the Jewish experience.  Grounded in community and an ethos of intellectual rigor, we raise our students to develop thoughtful inquiry, courageous and compassionate connection to others and a strong sense of who they are.

Our Vision: Why We Do It

SJCS graduates will apply their individual strengths to engage thoughtfully and confidently with the world as advocates for and architects of their Jewish and global communities.

Our Values: The Ideals We Live By

Jewish Identity | Our students develop a strong Jewish identity, built on the richness of our collective history and tradition, and our commitment to the principles of dereh eretz, tikkun olam, and gemilut hasadim.

Intellectual Rigor | From mathematics to Torah study, we encourage our students to delve deeply into diverse and complex subject matter.

Thoughtful Inquiry | We inspire intellectual curiosity by offering rich content and encouraging a dialogue where asking questions is as important as finding answers.

Sense of Self | We foster in our students a strong sense of self along with the confidence and resilience to stand behind their beliefs.

Connection to Others | Our students engage respectfully and generously with each other and the world developing a sense of responsibility and commitment to service.

Inclusive Community | We provide a warm and nurturing atmosphere where all students and families are welcomed and supported and where relationships flourish, even after graduation.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

SJCS values a diverse population of children and adults, whose individual identities, family composition, and Jewish journeys are unique and divergent. We embrace all families who identify as Jewish, regardless of affiliation, belief, race, ethnicity, or practice. We celebrate our differences recognizing that our community thrives as one that is inclusive of a rich range of people of differing abilities, socioeconomic backgrounds, experiences, political beliefs, gender identities and sexualities. We champion social justice and teach students the value of service and citizenship in order to create a more equitable world for all. We teach our students and model communication and relationship building that is aware and respectful to difference in perspectives and practices, to address conflicts openly, and to readily acknowledge our own biases and those of our society.