Our Mission: HaMatara Shelanu/המטרה שלנו (What We Do)

SJCS welcomes students, families, and educational professionals to an inclusive school community, inspired by Jewish values and intellectual traditions. We celebrate the joys of learning and community while preparing students to influence their world for the good.


Our Vision: HaChazon Shelanu/החזון שלנו (Why We Do It)

SJCS will make a positive difference in our community and beyond, championing social justice and the dignity of difference. Graduates will engage with the responsibilities and opportunities before them, guided by formative learning experiences and secure in their identities.


Our Values: HaArachim Shelanu/הערכים שלנו (The Ideals We Live By)

SJCS roots its Mission, Vision, and Educational Philosophy in the Core Values of our community, in all the diverse ways they influence our personal and communal lives.

HERITAGE - (Moreshet)  מורשת

We carry forward Judaism’s:

  • spiritual insights and intellectual habits of mind
  • cultural and religious traditions
  • commitments to דרך ארץ derech eretz (ethical conduct) and תיקון עולם tikkun olam (repairing the world)
  • faith in the power of self-reflection and the possibility of תשובה tshuva (personal renewal)
  • connections to the people and land of Israel

COMMUNITY - (Kehillah)  קהילה

We cherish the pluralism of our community:

  • celebrating our differences in all the forms they take
  • sustaining a positive communal environment of equity, inclusion, and belonging
  • pursuing social justice with a commitment to the dignity of all

PLACE - (Makom)  מקום

We draw inspiration from our setting as the Seattle Jewish Community School:

  • acknowledging and honoring that we reside on the land of the Coast Salish People
  • appreciating the wonder that surrounds us, across our region
  • recognizing our responsibility to steward the environment through sustainable practices 


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