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Established in 1991 as the Seattle Jewish Primary School, our school later expanded to 5th grade and changed its name to the Seattle Jewish Community School. Throughout its history, SJCS has been an independent, egalitarian place of joyful learning, rooted in community and Jewish values, including the timeless intellectual traditions of prizing questions, welcoming discourse, and pursuing wisdom along with knowledge. SJCS has educated hundreds of graduates who retain the close bonds of their formative years and who live out the school's mission and vision in their communities and beyond.

A strong spirit of community has always driven SJCS, and the school has thrived with the commitment of families and educators. The school operated in various locations in North Seattle during its early years, including at Congregation Beth Shalom and Temple Beth Am, before moving to its own campus in the Northgate neighborhood in 2008. In the fall of 2019, the school relocated to a new campus in the heart of the Green Lake neighborhood where, having nurtured and guided children through the challenges of the pandemic, SJCS is now sinking deep roots and carrying its vibrant mission forward into its fourth decade of making its mark on students, their families and the broader community. 


We thank the following individuals for their service to SJCS through their leadership.


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Heads of School

Debra J.G. Butler

Joyce Shane (z"l)

Shoshana K. Bilavsky

Ron Waldman

David Zimand

Presidents of the Board of Trustees

Elaine Sachter

Yonah Karp

Jonathan Greene

Mitchell Dernis

Mark Dykan (z"l)

Natasha Grossman

Mitchell Hymowitz

Don Doering

Ivan Rothman

Ronnie Stern

Moss Patashnik

Rebecca Finkel

Lisa Fein

Kristen Cohon

Karin Madwed


David Korch


Howard Klein