Students are raising their hands to answer a question

Philosophia Chinuchit/פילוסופיה חנוכית (Educational Philosophy)

SJCS’s Educational Philosophy combines the timeless wisdom of our Jewish intellectual heritage with contemporary insights into children’s learning and growth.

  •  the inherent value of study for its own sake
  •  the pursuit of understanding, purpose, and self-awareness, along with knowledge
  •  the power of questions
  •  the sacred nature of considering different perspectives and multiple layers of meaning
  •  that children learn best in environments where they recognize that they belong and feel safe
  •  that they are distinct and curious individuals with innate capacities to learn
  •  that their social, ethical, and spiritual development are vital partners to their academic growth
  • empathy
  • resilience
  • awe and wonder
  • delight in challenge
  • an ethic of excellence
  • commitment to making a positive difference